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Business tourism in the Crimea: where to get transportation?

Business tourism in the Crimea: where to get transportation?

Modern entrepreneurship and the pace of the formation of this area require a lot of entrepreneurs and businessmen to be on the road regularly. For some, this kind of cycle has become common and necessary. But, such travel must take place in suitable conditions, with a specific degree of comfort and convenience. Directly for this reason, not uncommon for representatives of the field of business before traveling in advance to apply to the transportation companies that specialize in this sector of transportation.

However, representatives of these firms realize that the work to be done with wealthy people is often "heating up" the visitors for money. Agree, that including the most self-sufficient and prominent businessmen would be unpleasant to lose their own money. Directly for this reason you need to use proven services, which will guarantee you transportation as part of the service according to a fixed value.

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High-class business trips

SOLNYSHKO taxi service in Crimea gives a wide range of motor transport services, of which will be found the one that will be able to please your needs while fixing the proposed price. For the purpose of business tourism on the peninsula is best-suited rates "Business" (when it comes to small business groups) or "Minibus" (if the business journey involves a substantial number of people).

Taxi representatives of SOLNYSHKO provide for you:

  • an extensive selection of cars of different capacity, size, as well as equipment;
  • fully reliable and on time vehicles in accordance with your requests;
  • solid, comfortable, elegant and spotless interior, the presence of technical accessories (in connection with the configuration of a particular model);
  • competent, experienced and correct drivers, who are ready to guarantee a highly qualified service;
  • (if required and desired by the customer) the creation of a contract;
  • (if necessary) implementation of inter-regional travel.

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Transport for business trips

Every customer is a person, every car prepared for him is a match. We strive to accurately implement customer requests, our arsenal of cars are different brands and models, taking into account the desired capacity. Having addressed to the representatives of SOLNYSHKO service, you will guarantee a fundamental selection of cars, out of the ones, offered by us:

  • taxi "Business": Toyota Camry, KIA Optima, BMW 3, Mercedes Benz (different models), Mazda (CX5, 6), AUDI (A8L W12 6, A6), etc;
  • minibus taxi: Mercedes Sprinter, Toyota Haise, Peugeot Boxer.

Passenger cars in the bulk are designed for 4 persons, not taking into account the driver. Minibuses have all chances to transport from 9 and more passengers in the cabin.

The lowest price for the order of taxi "Business" and "Minibus" is shown on the website of taxi SOLNYSHKO, additional information you can find out from the operator according to the communicative phone number +7(978) 810-10-10. Your business trips in Crimea have all chances to be comfortable and inexpensive!