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Where to order a tow truck?

Where to order a tow truck?

Having a personal car, you should realize that the car — is not only the transport potential, freedom, pleasure, and independence of movement but also the duty before yourself and your family, your own car, and other road users.

It concerns the fact that you personally as a prudent driver, it is necessary to comply with the rules of the road, and in addition to observe the state of your own car to avoid causing accidents or other unpleasant and unsafe incidents on the road. Regular maintenance will give you confidence that your car is serviceable, and will not stand in the middle of the road at the most undesirable moment. But, even if you are a very competent and serious driver, someone else may be the organizer of an automobile accident.

Unimportant: if you can remove the car from the roadway without the help of others — make it without delay, to ensure the safety of other participants in the traffic and not to be the cause of traffic jams.

If your car is out of order, and your own efforts you will not drive it away in any way — order a tow truck. Cost-effective and affordable order service "tow truck" possible to issue in the service SOLNYSHKO.

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When you may need a tow truck?

As we previously identified above — the main feature of the service "tow truck" is considered an urgent evacuation of you and your vehicle up to a safe area of presence. But, it is not only the use of this technique, which is possible to implement.

Quite often the tow truck is used in order to transport special small and large-sized equipment. In this case, calling a tow truck and transport equipment will be much more appropriate and profitable than trying to implement the transportation personally or ordering the services of logistics firms.

What should make the driver, who orders a tow truck:

  1. Give extremely detailed information regarding the brand and model of the vehicle.
  2. Set out the level of auto defects, and the severity of the failure.
  3. Describe the location of the incident, to establish how close to get a tow truck, as well as inform the service.

Price of the service "Tow truck"

The lowest cost of ordering a service "tow truck" from SOLNYSHKO — is 1500 rub. Then the cost will fluctuate due to different conditions, and directly:

  • the city where the assistance is provided;
  • the distance between the declared point of the incident and the final place of transportation;
  • the place where the evacuation equipment should be delivered;
  • the period in which the transport has to be performed;
  • type of model, size and weight of the vehicle to be transported, etc.

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What is the reason to trust us?

Service SOLNYSHKO provides service "tow truck" in many settlements of the Crimea. Characteristic features of our service is the timeliness of filing a tow truck, maximum suitable characteristics of your vehicle (cars, bikes, buses, trucks, etc.), as well as high-quality qualified service.

We guarantee you:

  • prompt and professional determination of the necessary type of tow truck;
  • urgent assistance in a traffic accident;
  • serious and prudent transportation of your vehicle;
  • guaranteed security for you and your car/motorcycle.

Drive concentrated, be attentive and keep in touch with SOLNYSHKO service — +7(978) 810-10-10!