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Thank you СОЛНЫШКО taxi! As always, everything is clear and intelligent! This is probably the only company that knows where my street and house are - you need to point your finger to others)

Valery Trofimov
Kerch, 25.06.2022

For long-distance trips, I use exclusively the services of a taxi Солнышко. Only they have the most adequate prices, and the conditions are suitable.

Mark Kovalev
Mark Kovalev
Sudak, 27.09.2021

I rode this taxi with a dog at the "Pet" rate, I really liked the attentive attitude of the driver, and the trip itself as a whole.

Anita Vasilyeva
Anita Vasilyeva
Feodosia, 01.07.2022

SOLNYSHKO was advised by friends. The impression was extremely positive! I was pleasantly impressed by everything, from the set of tariffs to affordable prices.

Evgeniya Baranovskaya
Evgeniya Baranovskaya
Yalta, 29.05.2021

I am a regular customer! I am delighted with everything - the convenience of ordering, the speed of delivery, the most comfortable travel conditions.

Maxim Abramov
Evpatoria, 21.09.2021

A good taxi, it is convenient to order, cars arrive quickly, they arrive on time.

Ivan Panfilov
Ivan Panfilov
Yalta, 05.08.2022

Hello! Very pleased with the service, I use it myself and recommend to everyone, everything is fast, accurate and without unnecessary words


A friend recommended this taxi about six months ago and I liked it. Now on weekends, when we get together with my friends, after parties I call only СОЛНЫШКО. Safely!


Personally, I like СОЛНЫШКО Taxi! I have been using the services for about two years and everything is fine. What can be said about drivers - all people are different, their cars are also different....

Dmitry Voronoi
Dmitry Voronoi
Yalta, 14.06.2022

We were looking for transport for a country trip with a company, we found a minivan in the СОЛНЫШКО at a bargain price. Delivery is fast, conditions are top. I advise!

Proposals for development service
Please describe in detail what you would like to improve in the СОЛНЫШКО taxi.
We will try to accommodate your opinions on further development of the service.

СОЛНЫШКО Taxi: a genuine concern for the client

To date, the firmware application taxi Sharq offers our customers the most user-friendly interface available on our sunny peninsula.

Suffice it once to order to appreciate the simplicity, convenience and functional wealth available to any user.

Save your time and money

Now you do not need to spend countless hours just to get through to the operator, to explain how and where you need to, and make an order.

With our app all in just a few seconds. In this case it is you choose the taxi driver and the car, which will serve you.

This live service

The fact that our customers order taxi services through the application does not mean that we seek to move away from the customers. Quite the contrary.

We - a real live service, listen to all the needs and comments of our customers. The rating system allows you to look at the drivers' comments left by other users and comment on the quality of the services themselves.

And if suddenly arise a disputable situation - our support team to solve the problem as quickly as possible at any time of the day or night.

It is enough to make a phone call or contact us by e-mail.