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By taxi around Crimea: TOP 5 cities for a mandatory visit

We recommend traveling around the peninsula by taxi, because this is the safest, most affordable and comfortable way. Renting a car for a long time is expensive, and using public transport with personal belongings is inconvenient, especially if you have to travel long distances. And we have prepared a very interesting route for you, so download the СОЛНЫШКО app to call a taxi at any convenient time.

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Simferopol Airport: how to get to another city?

Arriving at Simferopol airport, the first thing you probably thought about is “How can I get to my hotel /desired place/city?”. A perfectly obvious question and a non-obvious answer. Here you are, standing in the middle of the arrivals hall, trying in confusion to find an affordable option for transportation. And here we are, taxi СОЛНЫШКО, who are ready to provide you with their services. Why you should choose a taxi for a comfortable, safe and profitable trip — let's figure it out in order.

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The best beaches in the Crimea for recreation in 2022

The nature of the Crimea is something unimaginable and impressive to the eyes of both local residents and visiting tourists. And, of course, one of the most famous calling cards of the peninsula are its numerous beaches with warm azure water. For the most part it is because of this many tourists and choose cities in the Crimea to stay.

Since the beaches are worthy of your attention, there are plenty, move from one to another is better not on their own two under the scorching sun, and a taxi with a comfortable cabin and air conditioning. Private cars for many reasons are not recommended — it will only limit you.

Well, let's consider the best for comfortable and impressive vacation beaches of the Crimean peninsula, so you can decide — choose one or visit them all.

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Long-distance taxi: peculiarities of choice

Since many resort towns and small cities have underdeveloped infrastructure, but to get to them wants, topical is a request for long-distance travel. taxi service SOLNYSHKO in turn has been providing an opportunity to locals and tourists to travel between cities in a comfortable and safe environment for more than a year.

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7 current alternatives to a private car

Not so long ago, we talked about whether it is profitable to have your own car in 2022, what are the pros and cons of owning, and briefly ran through alternative versions of transportation. Today we will consider in more detail all the current options for a relatively budgetary, extremely comfortable and safe movement, and choose the best option for you.

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Is it profitable to have a personal car in 2022?

For each person, buying their own car is an extremely serious, important and complex decision. On the one hand, owning a car means ample transport opportunities, a kind of independence, freedom of movement, etc., on the other hand, constant stress, expenses and other difficulties. That is why many people ask themselves the questions “What are the advantages of buying a car?”, “Will a personal car be a profitable investment?” and “What are the disadvantages of owning a car?”.

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Rules for the driver's response to non-standard cases

A taxi driver, working within a certain service, not only must fulfill orders, make trips and create comfortable conditions for passengers, but also be able to get out of embarrassing and extraordinary situations that may arise for various reasons. To get out of this or that situation neatly and professionally, the driver must know how to behave correctly.

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Facts you didn't know: inside the taxi service

The question of how you imagine the work of a taxi always causes a lot of sharp statements, contradictions, dubious arguments and other things. Despite the fact that people mostly rely on personal experience in forming their own opinions, the general idea of the functioning of taxi services remains rather vague. This notion is spreading among the people and misleading many.

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Safe and comfortable trips in Crimea: what should a passenger take into account?

To date, it is quite obvious that a taxi, as a mode of transport, has gained impressive popularity in the Crimea. It is used not only for trips within a certain city, but also for traveling around the peninsula. Each passenger, of course, wants his movement in cities and between them to be as comfortable, fast and safe as possible. But few of them take into account that the success of the trip in half of the cases depends directly on the passenger. Now let's explain what we are talking about.

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Driving as an additional income: how to make money while driving?

It is obvious that even in the realities of the modern world, the desire to earn money and increase the level of one's prosperity does not disappear anywhere. People combine part-time work with study and main work, trying to spend their free time with benefits. For these purposes, of course, options for work with a flexible schedule are being considered, so that they can be combined with the usual rhythm of life. Many try to combine everything in such a way that they also have time for themselves. However, this task is quite difficult. But do not discard the idea of part-time work, because there are still sensible proposals.

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Parking spaces: a global problem for all drivers in 2021

The correct — safe, guarded, lighted, convenient and legal — parking place is not easy to find, because every car driver faces a similar task, but there are options for solving the problem, and even several.

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