Drive with СОЛНЫШКО - work in a taxi on your car in Crimea, vacancies for drivers - Image 4
Drive with СОЛНЫШКО - work in a taxi on your car in Crimea, vacancies for drivers - Image 1
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Application for working in a taxi СОЛНЫШКО
Get a lot of profitable orders at any time of the day without leaving your car.


Section for СОЛНЫШКО drivers

Service standards СОЛНЫШКО

These standards of customer service are highly recommended to all taxi drivers СОЛНЫШКО and included in the curriculum.
Compliance with these standards will enable you to increase your ranking, receive a tip from customers and prevent the reduction of the personal rating of the driver and blocking the account.

1. Preparing for the trip

  • Make sure your car is fully functional.
  • Check the fuel level: it has to be at least one third of the tank.
  • Make sure that the car is clean inside and check the cleanliness of the cabin. Also check that the car no unauthorized items (such as in the trunk or in the interior).
  • Glass, doorsteps and handles must be kept clean.
  • The air in the cabin has to be fresh. Unpleasant odors are not allowed.
  • The appearance of the driver should be neat and clean.
  • The machine should be fed accurately to the specified address, taking into account all the client and the selected options his wishes.
  • Arrive on time for the order is not allowed. If you are late, you have to apologize on behalf of the client company.

2. Embarkation and disembarkation of clients

Embarkation and disembarkation of the cab must always be carried out within the existing traffic rules:

- After a stop of the vehicle;

- In the absence of barriers to entry or exit (fences, pools, etc.)

  • The driver is obliged to help the client to open the door.
  • The front row of seats must be a move towards a maximum, with the angle of the seat backrest, not exceeding 90 degrees.
  • The driver should help the client to download, placed inside the car and unloading of personal luggage on arrival.
  • When servicing the elderly clients, children or disabled persons, Warrior should help them when boarding and disembarking.
  • The driver is obliged to comply with the standard rules of transportation of animals in the cabin and baggage.
  • If a customer wants to use our services, you are required to inform in advance about their value and the need to pay.
  • Before landing the passenger must ask the driver where will be more convenient to stay.
  • Always check the interior for forgotten items. If they are present, contact the supervisor and who forgot to give their passengers.

3. Safety and comfort

  • Always obey traffic regulations. Perform the movement with a flow rate, do not make sudden maneuvers.
  • The cabin comfort accordingly desires passenger (temperature, playing the radio, adjust the seat) must be created.
  • While driving do not talk on the phone.
  • If the customer is on the phone, mute the music.

4. Trip payment

  • If the customer pays in cash at night, turn on the lights for the convenience.
  • If paying by cash is always to hit back in full upon payment of any value denomination.

5. The friendly and attentive

  • Always look neat, behave friendly and welcoming smile, greet and say goodbye to the customer, Thank you for using the services СОЛНЫШКО.
  • Always on time arrives at the landing site.
  • Make calls to the client only in the most extreme case (if it does not go a long time or you are not able to arrive on time).
  • After the trip to call the client is prohibited (exception - if he forgot in the cabin belongings).
  • Pre specify endpoint and the preferred route. If requests are not available, choose the best option.
  • Never ask to leave positive feedback or tips and hints on this.
  • If the passenger did not start the conversation, keep the noise down.
  • Communicate in the framework of business ethics and generally accepted standards of courtesy. Also, avoid disputes, debates, imposing their own opinions, critics service СОЛНЫШКО.

Gross violations СОЛНЫШКО service standards

  • Demonstrating client weapons, as well as storing it on a visible place or in the client's availability (leads to passenger complaints and poses a threat to their safety).
  • Rudeness, provoking conflict, forcibly hold in the cabin, the physical impact, contact with the customer after the order is complete (not only provokes mutual claims and worsening mood passenger, but also often entail legal responsibility).
  • Assigning personal belongings of passengers, forgotten in the cabin (is theft and is subject to prosecution).
  • The lack of the necessary documents, the use of expired or counterfeit documents, work under someone else's account СОЛНЫШКО (subject to criminal prosecution and will result in the lock when the account).
  • Financial scams and fraud in relation to the client (a fraud and entails criminal liability).

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