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Is it profitable to have a personal car in 2022?

Is it profitable to have a personal car in 2022?

For each person, buying their own car is an extremely serious, important and complex decision. On the one hand, owning a car means ample transport opportunities, a kind of independence, freedom of movement, etc., on the other hand, constant stress, expenses and other difficulties. That is why many people ask themselves the questions “What are the advantages of buying a car?”, “Will a personal car be a profitable investment?” and “What are the disadvantages of owning a car?”.

Doubts about this are quite logical and predictable, and they are often caused by quite significant reasons. And to be frank, there is no single and correct answer for absolutely every person to the question of whether to buy a car or not. But if you are considering this issue, then let's take a closer look at all its aspects.

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Advantages of own transport

It is worth recognizing that there are certain categories of situations in which it is almost impossible to do without a personal car. The brightest of these are:

  • Residence with certain conditions

If you live in a remote and sparsely populated area of the city where there is no developed infrastructure, public transport lines that you need and alternative means of transportation, then it will be quite difficult to do without a car. Despite the cost of maintaining and maintaining the machine, it will be very useful in everyday life, and in critical cases.

  • Personal circumstances

It is obvious that personal reasons are frequent drivers of buying personal vehicles: family, work, health, etc. can be decisive factors for purchasing a vehicle. And public transport, as an alternative, is being considered less and less, because people realize that it is unlikely that it will be possible to achieve the necessary conditions of comfort.

Cons of owning a car

The main disadvantages of a personal car are, of course, regular maintenance and service costs. The car needs to be refueled, technical inspections carried out, repaired if necessary, and all this costs far from small money.

Moreover, you need to take into account the factor of reducing the cost of the car itself, based on which you can understand that this investment is not always the best choice. When buying a car, you give away a large amount of personal savings, and already leaving the car on it from the salon, its value decreases.

After a year of operation, your seemingly new car will already cost 40% less, and after 3 years — 60%.

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Car expenses

As we have said, a car is a regular expense. And if some of them, such as washing, seasonal tire changes, etc., can be planned, then the sudden and unforeseen appearance of defects, scratches and breakdowns, followed by the need for repairs, is unlikely to be planned. To this list, you can add the cost of car insurance, the price of which will depend on the model of the car.

Therefore, before deciding to buy, evaluate each item of expenditure that you will have to cover, namely:

  • purchase of a car;
  • loan payments (if necessary);
  • car registration and payment of fees;
  • fuel;
  • auto insurance;
  • planned maintenance costs;
  • unexpected expenses in the event of any malfunction;
  • parking;
  • car washing, interior dry cleaning;
  • accessories/interior upgrades.

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Alternative travel options

It is worth noting that until recently there were no full-fledged alternatives to your own car. Public transport clearly does not provide the conditions and environment that passengers request, even though it is budgetary. In recent years, the situation has begun to change significantly and rapidly for the better, thanks to the introduction of various innovations.

There are quite a lot of transportation options today, however, the most popular and demanded of them is the use of taxi and services for providing such services in general. You don’t have to maintain a car, but the conditions for traveling are the same. What's more, if you use proven, safe and affordable taxi services, your trips can be even more economical.

Many experts argue that due to the rapid development of taxi services and the introduction of more and more relevant services, soon the once so urgent issue of buying a personal car will only come as a surprise.

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For what purpose were cars previously used?

If earlier a car was a necessity for solving many issues, now before purchasing it is worth considering whether this goal is justified. Years earlier and even today, people used a car to get to:

  • grocery store;
  • electronics store;
  • boutiques for buying clothes;
  • sports shop with further transportation of equipment;
  • cinema;
  • cafe, restaurant, etc.

However, now everything you need can be ordered online and delivered to your door. Actually, the question reasonably arises — “Does it make sense to buy an expensive car if there are much more profitable alternatives to get goods or even services?”.

Profitable and affordable option

Summing up, I would like to say that in the modern world of technology and innovation, you can find a more budgetary alternative for every request. For trips, you can use economical taxi rates, which can also be conveniently ordered by phone or online, and everything you need can be ordered with delivery, do not believe it — in the same taxi service.

СОЛНЫШКО provides a wide variety of services that can cover all your transport and other needs. Do you need your own car now?

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