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7 current alternatives to a private car

7 current alternatives to a private car

Not so long ago, we talked about whether it is profitable to have your own car in 2022, what are the pros and cons of owning, and briefly ran through alternative versions of transportation. Today we will consider in more detail all the current options for a relatively budgetary, extremely comfortable and safe movement, and choose the best option for you.

So, with the advent of various technological innovations, applications and other things, moving around cities and their environs has become much more pleasant and convenient, and all because there is plenty to choose from. So, today there are many alternatives, thanks to which both those who are looking for luxury comfort and those who are prone to budget and economy will find an affordable way from one point on the map to another. And with all this, you can completely discard the idea of using a personal car. How? Let's figure it out.

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Public transport in your city

It is clear that public transport is a good option for many. It is worth giving him credit — he really acts as an economic option, and a large number of people are satisfied as a means of transportation. But there is a big “BUT”, and these are the conditions.

The probability of using public transport that will meet all the requirements of modernity (comfortable passenger seats, free space, convenient payment method, relevance of routes, etc.) is quite low. Economy in this case does not justify the lack of a proper environment, so people are considering other options.

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Taxi services

One of the most popular and sought-after alternative branches is the use of taxi services, which, however, is not surprising. If you find a decent, reliable and proven taxi service, for example — СОЛНЫШКО, then you will be able to independently determine for yourself what tariff you can afford and what additional services you can use today. By the way, taxi SOLNYSHKO has a fairly wide range of relevant services.

With all of the above, you will also receive the conditions that you request. If you want to ride in style — call a taxi "Business", you have a limited budget today — use an "Economy" taxi, you need to get home with a certain load — order a "Cargo Taxi", but regardless of the chosen tariff, you will get a comfortable and pleasant environment in trip.

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Car rent

There are situations when you need a little more independence and freedom of action on the road than usual. In this case, you can pay attention to the possibility of renting a car. It's also comfortable, you can use the car when you need it, but you don't have to maintain it, which means some savings.

We recommend choosing the option of renting a car if you need transport for a certain number of hours, for a day or for several. Otherwise, it may turn out to be an expensive pleasure for you, and in order to get from one point to another, it is hardly worth overpaying.

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Electric scooters and electric bicycles are gaining more and more popularity every day — they are environmentally friendly, fast and affordable, however, only for short distances. It is not advisable to use this type of transport for long distances, since it will be inconvenient and in the end you will simply get tired.


This is a kind of opportunity to share a trip with people who have transport. In this case, you can really save money, since you do not have to maintain and maintain the car, however, this method is relevant if you are lucky and your friends or neighbors often go along the same route with you. Otherwise, this move option will not be of any value to you.

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What to choose?

Based on our analysis, we can confidently say that the transportation option that combines all the factors you are interested in is still a taxi. Obviously, this choice will give you advantages both financially and in terms of empowerment, and in terms of travel in general.

Taxi is a wide choice of classes, in-demand services that can cover your needs, the ability to determine how much you are willing to spend today, as well as the speed and convenience of ordering. By calling a taxi, you will be on your way in a few minutes, and you will not have to wait a long time for a bus, draw up paperwork when renting a car, or ride a bike in the scorching sun or rain, compared to other versions of travel.

Choose an alternative to a car consciously and carefully, and do not forget to listen to the recommendations of experts!

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