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Safe and comfortable trips in Crimea: what should a passenger take into account?

Safe and comfortable trips in Crimea: what should a passenger take into account?

To date, it is quite obvious that a taxi, as a mode of transport, has gained impressive popularity in the Crimea. It is used not only for trips within a certain city, but also for traveling around the peninsula. Each passenger, of course, wants his movement in cities and between them to be as comfortable, fast and safe as possible. But few of them take into account that the success of the trip in half of the cases depends directly on the passenger. Now let's explain what we are talking about.

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Ordering a taxi

You must take into account how detailed and accurate information you provide to the taxi service, in order to avoid misunderstandings and force majeure:

  • check the validity of the address data that you have indicated;
  • make sure that the passage for a taxi will be available if you are in a closed area (otherwise, put the starting point outside the barrier);
  • pay attention to the payment method you have chosen.

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Right before the trip

It is worth making sure that you take into account the features and specifics of your trip when placing an order, namely:

  • for trips alone, in a couple or in a small company, the Economy, Standard, Comfort or Business tariff will suit you, depending on how much you are willing to spend and what your needs are;
  • for trips in a large company or family, choose “Minivan”, “Universal” or “Minibus” — they will be able to accommodate a large group of people more conveniently;
  • for trips with children, we advise you to choose the “Children's” tariff, which provides a child seat for the safety of the baby;
  • for trips with pets, you can choose the “Pet” tariff accordingly;
  • for trips with small cargo, order "Cargo Taxi".

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On the way

To make you feel comfortable from the beginning to the end of the trip, service representatives will do everything necessary, but you also need to take into account:

  • the need to fasten a seat belt, even in the rear passenger seat;
  • a ban on smoking in the cabin (you can not only damage the driver’s workplace, but also leave an unpleasant smell behind, which is unacceptable for upcoming trips);
  • recommendations for limiting the presence of food and drinks in the cabin (a bottle of plain water is allowed in order to avoid pollution in the cabin);
  • the moment of cleaning up after yourself, if you still neglected the previous advice (if the situation is critical, pay for dry cleaning to the driver);
  • the need for respectful and careful treatment of the driver’s workspace and the taxi service representative in general;
  • no need to violate the rules of the road, and persuade the driver to do this in order to complete the trip as soon as possible (this is not safe, and it does not always work out faster);
  • the opportunity to express to the driver your needs and wishes regarding the trip.

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At the end of the journey

When your trip is completed:

  • try to observe safety measures, do not get out of the car on the roadway and in inappropriate places;
  • pay attention to whether you have forgotten your personal belongings (if you missed this moment, contact the service operators to resolve the issue).

Working together on the conditions of the trip, we will achieve the maximum level of comfort and safety. Do you often use taxi services? Choose an affordable and comfortable taxi "СОЛНЫШКО" for travel in the Crimea!

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