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Rules for the driver's response to non-standard cases

Rules for the driver's response to non-standard cases

A taxi driver, working within a certain service, not only must fulfill orders, make trips and create comfortable conditions for passengers, but also be able to get out of embarrassing and extraordinary situations that may arise for various reasons. To get out of this or that situation neatly and professionally, the driver must know how to behave correctly.

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Passenger inappropriate behavior

An important component in this case is the work of service operators. When the operator determines in time whether the client is adequately configured and filters such an order, the driver will not have to take specific actions under the pretext of the absence of such an order. But still, cases when a client gets into a taxi and shows inappropriate behavior are not uncommon.

The main action of the driver in this situation is to notify the operator. Regardless of whether the passenger is frankly drunk, aggressive, obscene or even threatening, the driver must take into account these “calls” and inform the service operator. The driver in such conditions has the full right to refuse to fulfill the order, explaining the reasons with reason.

When the manifestation of inappropriate behavior occurs already during the trip, the driver should react as follows:

  • To reassure the client, contact the operator, indicate the exact current location, tell the passenger that you have his data, and in which case, you will use them.
  • If this method does not help, and the passenger's behavior becomes more aggressive, stop the car in a crowded place or near the police station, draw attention so that the passenger cannot harm you or himself.

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Refusal to pay for a trip

Drivers also face such cases when a passenger completely refuses to pay for the service provided. To resolve the conflict, proceed as follows:

  • If the passenger is traveling with personal luggage, do not hand it over until the client has paid for the trip.
  • If this is not enough, contact the operator to further resolve the situation.

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Unforeseen accident

Unfortunately, the possibility of traffic accidents is not ruled out along the way. The driver must be concentrated to do the right thing. You need to do the following:

  • Stop the car completely, turn on the emergency signal, call the police and do not move the car until it arrives.
  • Determine if there are casualties, provide first aid, call an ambulance.
  • If everyone is safe, call a new taxi for your passenger to finish his trip or take him to a safe place.


Such cases, unfortunately, are not excluded. Malefactors can meet on the way of the taxi driver and his passenger. It is important not to lose self-control, concentration and self-confidence. Actions:

  • calling the police;
  • representatives of the insurance company;
  • people who can help;
  • remember the number and signs of the car that threatens you.

Do not respond to intimidation, the demands of intruders to drive the car away, do not succumb to provocations. If this is indeed an auto-setup, when you call the police, the attackers will try to escape. In any case, try to give the police all the information you know.

Be attentive, professional and careful, do not lose vigilance on the road.

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