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Long-distance taxi: peculiarities of choice

Long-distance taxi: peculiarities of choice

Taxi services and services that provide them are rapidly gaining their popularity and relevance. This fact is not surprising: the taxi has become for many residents and tourists in the Crimea as commonplace, as using such services can quickly, comfortably and easily get to any point on the map.

However, not urban passenger transport alone won the attention of customers taxi services. Since many resort towns and small cities have underdeveloped infrastructure, but to get to them wants, topical is a request for long-distance travel. taxi service СОЛНЫШКО in turn has been providing an opportunity to locals and tourists to travel between cities in a comfortable and safe environment for more than a year.

Surprisingly, with all the popularity of taxi services in general, the use of such transport for the purpose of intercity travel is not yet so popular. Nevertheless, people need to visit different cities almost daily, and based on the fact that public transport is not so convenient and does not create the necessary level of comfort, and a private car is expensive, the taxi was and remains the best option.

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What taxi to choose?

In order for the trip to be satisfactory for you, as a potential passenger, the taxi service СОЛНЫШКО has provided for all the obvious requirements:

  • Assortment of fares

It is worth noting that a trip between cities can be extremely tiring, depending on the distance, the conditions of the vehicle, etc. That's why our service provides a wide range of taxi classes so you can choose a car to suit your needs.

  • Drivers qualification

SOLNYSHKO service is a responsible and reliable organization, which is why we pay great attention to the selection of drivers who will represent the company. Our drivers have experience and necessary skills to ensure safe and comfortable long-distance travel.

  • Cost of the trip

Certainly, any self-respecting passenger will first inquire about the cost of a long-distance trip. Because of the distance, the price will differ from the intracity fares, but the service maintains a loyal price level, which indicates the affordability of the planned trip. The cost when ordering is fixed, so you do not have to pay extra, and when ordering through the application you will get a nice bonus — a cashback.

  • More features

You can probably go on a long-distance trip not only by yourself but also with children or even pets. In this case SOLNYSHKO service has specific tariffs that provide everything you need for each passenger — big, small and fluffy.

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How to book a long-distance taxi in the Crimea?

To order a taxi from one city to another, you can call the contact phone number +7 (978) 810-10-10 or use the Android app. The order will include:

  • information about the direction of the trip;
  • The chosen fare (taxi class)
  • (maybe) additional information;
  • type of payment.

If all the data has been correctly entered/transmitted to the operator, after confirmation your transport will be served within 7 minutes, and you will be able to go on your comfortable, profitable and safe journey.

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