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Tourist cities of Crimea: choosing transport for travel in 2022

Tourist cities of Crimea: choosing transport for travel in 2022

When, if not in winter, to plan an exciting and unforgettable vacation in the summer? For a successful trip, you need to think over the route, choose interesting cities and resorts, decide on housing (hotel, apartments, etc.) and the type of transport for moving around the area (private car, car for rent, taxi, public transport). It is difficult to choose a route in Crimea, since almost all cities and the territory of the peninsula can impress with their beauty, sights and conditions for a good rest, but we can still advise you on the most popular of them.

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TOP-7 cities of Crimea for recreation

For a trip and an impressive vacation in the Crimea in 2022, a worthy choice is:

  • Yalta

This city is the most famous among the Crimean resorts. Here is the concentration of many masterpieces of architecture, famous sights, and a population of various plants. Yalta is famous for its famous beaches and azure waters. Embankments, parks, castles, which convey the historical heritage of the city as much as possible, will also be interesting for tourists.

  • Sevastopol

Sevastopol is a large city, which is the leader among the guardians of the number of sites that have survived to this day from antiquity. In Sevastopol, there is definitely something to see for lovers of excursion tourism: many museum complexes, monuments of military glory, religious and architectural buildings.

  • Evpatoria

This resort is famous for the best beaches on the western coast of Crimea, largely due to the fact that they are covered with sand and have a convenient descent to the water. In addition, here is the longest season for this territory — from May to October. We recommend choosing the Cote d'Azur and the Knight's Beach for relaxation. And for those who intend not only to disappear on the beach, we advise you to take a closer look at the religious and historical heritage of this city.

  • Simferopol

The city of Simferopol is a combination of a cultural component that combines many different directions and eras, the memory of the war years and a dynamic modern spirit. Sights, architectural and religious monuments are enough to create an extremely interesting waybill.

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  • Feodosia

This city is a combination of stunning nature, sandy and pebble beaches, not crowded and clean. A cozy and memorable resort, striking in its colorfulness and beauty.

  • Sudak

The resort Sudak has always won high ratings from vacationers, which is why it attracts people to come again and again. Well-groomed and not crowded pebbly shores with azure water — what else do you need for a secluded quiet holiday?

  • Alushta

Alushta is famous for a large number of sanatoriums, hotel complexes and developed infrastructure, in general, everything here is equipped for a full and unforgettable vacation for any tourist. The beaches of Alushta can surprise vacationers with dark shale sand, which has various positive properties.

At the stage when you have already decided on the route of your trip, it's time to think about what transport you will use to move the sights of the city from one to another. And since car rental is extremely expensive, and public transport is uncomfortable and not always advisable, we recommend using a taxi. And for greater confidence that in any city of Crimea the prices for trips will be affordable for you, choose a service that operates on the territory of the entire peninsula.

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How to travel in Crimea?

Save your budget, but at the same time travel safely, quickly and comfortably — order a taxi "СОЛНЫШКО". Affordable trips in the cities of Crimea with decent conditions and prices! So, let's look at the options for transport, which will be convenient for you to move around:

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  • Taxi "Economy" and "Standard"

These rates are perfect for trips if you are traveling alone, as a couple or in a small company of up to 5 people. The tariff is very budgetary, and offers very affordable prices for trips. So you save money, but you will move in a car with very decent conditions.

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  • Car class “Comfort” and “Business”

More level machines, characterized by high technicality and advanced functionality. High quality service and conditions of maximum comfort when choosing these tariffs are provided. You can choose a taxi-comfort or business for trips to events in the evening, when you need to effectively appear in public.

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  • Roomy "Wagon" and "Minivan"

Taxi types "Wagon" and "Minivan" are well suited for group travelers and families with children. They differ in spaciousness and a voluminous trunk, in which you can complete personal belongings for the trip. Passengers can also be freely accommodated in a minivan or station wagon. A minivan is especially good for traveling in a large company, its main advantage is the ability to accommodate up to 8 people.

You can comfortably, quickly and safely travel around the tourist cities of Crimea with the Sun taxi!

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